Thursday, March 26, 2009


I found out this morning that one of my uncles, the oldest of the nine siblings my mom has, had a stroke last night and was brain dead. They removed him off life support and he passed away shortly before noon today. Visitation is this week-end and the funeral is on Monday. Now that we're living closer (2 hours 22 minutes according to the GPS) we're more able to attend these sorts of functions. Not exactly a selling point for living here but it's not like I can blame that on Indiana! The weather is supposed to turn cold and snowy on Sunday too, not great timing for Mother Nature, but is there EVER a great time for something like this?

It will be Katie and Robbie's first funeral, for the others that have happened they either weren't born yet, we were overseas or several states away and were told to not make the trip. Selfish of me to wish that were still the case. I know no one enjoys these things but I just hate feeling hopeless in helping someone who is hurting. And anything I say now will just sound stupid. So I'll just say that my Uncle Bill will be missed and I hope he's with his mom, two youngest brothers and one of his sisters right now.

I'd probably be better off to end this entry at that but there are other kinds of loss too. I know it's inevitable that some friendships will eventually run their course but it's sad when they do and you don't know why. But when there is a group of people I guess it's natural for there to be rifts and splits. Some losses are greater than others but some days they can all feel equally sad to a certain extent. But such is the circle of life I suppose.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy day

What a difference a day makes in regards to the headache! It started to ease up a bit last night and this morning it's fading away. Aaaaaaaaaaah! It's been raining all morning as I figured it would be. I can predict snow with my headaches too! Such a talent to have, eh?!

Today the kids get out of school early due to teacher workshop days so soon Katie should be walking through the door followed by Robbie about an hour later. He has a friend coming over today after lunch. I'm sure Pokemon talk will be flying about the house and I won't understand 98% of it!

I have a pot roast going in the crock pot and if I say so myself it's smelling pretty darn good! I love using the crock pot. It's silly since I'm the one throwing the food into it in the morning but once the afternoon comes and I don't have to start thinking about heading into the kitchen and cooking I feel like I sort of got the afternoon off! It's the little things, people, the little things that get me through the day! LOL

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

weary and day two

If the barometer headache I've been dealing with since last night is any indication then we're going to get one helluva storm later on today. Add to that the stress and doubt of not knowing the best thing to do for Robtar and then crying at last week's Biggest Loser episode that I finally got to watch this morning and I'm feeling weary. A lobotomy doesn't sound half bad at the moment!

I'm not going to go into all the details of the past week because it's exhausting but I had hoped to leave from the appointment with the new doctor feeling "A-ha, we've found some answers!" and needless to say I didn't. And if one more medical professional says to me "Would you deny him insulin if he were diabetic?" when I voice concerns over medication I'm liable to create a "great story to be told at parties". There's a huge difference, people, in a proven medical condition and just making educated guesses at what MIGHT be going on inside the boy. I know I'm not but right now I'm feeling lost, lonely and confused. HATE IT! two of my Wichita trip......I'm attempting to get some sleep in Samantha's room and had woken up before 5 am, tossed and turned for over an hour and then fell asleep for just under an hour when the sounds of a ROCKET going off have me going from sleeping to suddenly standing up in the middle of the room! When one of her neighbors turns on their shower it sounds like a rocket is going off beside her bed. Why? I don't know, poor planning of the architect??? All I know is I woke up in the middle of jumping up and saying "What the......???" (fill in your own blank there!) It was around 7 am at that point so I got a shower and then forced Samantha to get up so we could go get breakfast and COFFEE!!!

Off to The Good Egg where I had a yummy and even I couldn't stretch it into being healthy for me omelet! Which ended up being the only meal we had all day so THEN I was able to justify some healthy components into it! lol I finally got my glasses adjusted so they sit where they're supposed to on my face and then driving through the, what I'm told is magical, snow we went to The Nifty Nut House. How is it that I never went there the eight years I lived in Wichita??? I'd had things from there before from other people but had never ventured into the store myself. Very attentive employees there and any time we said "Oh, that looks interesting/good/different" they were offering us a sample. We could have skipped breakfast and filled up there! We got some goodies to take to Get Scrappy and I got a few things to bring back to Mark and the kids.

Then it was off to Scrapfunattic in Andover!!! Where I discussed the merits of Benny and the Jets and Elton John in general with Sam and Renee who was working there. Young'uns just don't know classic music when they hear it! LOL And I did SOME shopping for me and more for Sam and Katie. (And went back on Saturday and spent even more money!) I miss having a bona fide lss nearby! Archiver's and Michael's just aren't the same.

Samantha had a budget presentation to make on campus so we went back to her apartment and then I just hung out there while she got ready and then left to make her ROCKSTAR presentation. It must have been great because she got SAC all the money they had asked for!

Then we went off to the Beech Activity Center to help during the final moments before Get Scrappy and I got to see all my fellow garden refugees!!! Once the crop started I didn't get much accomplished that night other than talking and laughing. And it felt SO GREAT!!! I got to see Kay and Jeannie while they manned (womanned???) the supply table. And Nikki, Toni and Toni's daughter sat at the table right next to the table I sat at with Samantha and Sarah. And when Mary, who was feeling poorly the poor thing!, had a few moments she was sitting with us all too. I can't even put into words how good it was to be there with everyone. Just talking, laughing (sometimes over stupid stuff!) and making occasionally scrapping--speaking just for myself there, everyone else was creating some beautiful layouts!!! I wish there was a way to bottle that feeling and take a hit of it when I needed it!

We stayed until the end that night and then Sam and I headed back to her apartment and tried to get some sleep so we could be raring to go the next morning!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random musings

I know I said I'd blog about day two today but I'll try to do that later. (Like anybody is out there just dying from anticipation about it all! LOL) Today I feel like being random...notice the new blog topper?! I guess that fits into the trip stories so you'll hear about it later! ;-)

Yesterday I took Katie to her orthondontist consulation. I was impressed with the office and even more so when the doctor said she wasn't ready for braces and there was a SLIGHT chance she wouldn't need them at all if we could get all 8 1/2 (yes a half! Half of one baby tooth came out and the other half is still in there) baby teeth out relatively soon. Until all the baby teeth are out and the permanent teeth move into place he said no one could know for sure what her mouth will need. I like the fact it wasn't an immediate "You need this. Write us a check." meeting.

Unlike my appointment with the eye doctor back in November where the doctor who was 90 minutes late to my appointment, tried to initially argue over which eye had the corneal transplant and then talked over me the whole time while telling me I need a "ring" inserted into my left cornea to improve my vision. Out of the blue this morning I get a call from their office and the woman tells me my insurance approved the surgery. I told her I had cancelled any future appointments with them. She asked if she could know why so I very politely told her. I could hear her writing things down and she was taken aback by a few things and asked "WHO said this to you?" I told her I understood emergencies coming up and doctors being waylaid but that no one bothered to inform me and then I was treating like an annoyance by two people when I stepped out of the room to find out WHY I had been sitting there for 90 minutes. She apologized profusely. I told her it wasn't HER fault but thanked her for doing so. I also told her that to add insult to injury I was just there to have my prescription checked and was told I'd have to pay $30 to get a copy in order to get new glasses made. She said that was standard and I told her (politely but firmly again...I was quite proud of myself!) that in my almost 37 years of wearing glasses neither my parents nor I had EVER had to pay any eye doctor, specialist or not, extra to get a copy of the prescription. I pointed out that they had already received my co-pay and at the time would be receiving in the future a healthy payment from my insurance company. I've seen what the keratoconus exams can run and it's not cheap! But long story shortened a tad she asked me to take her name and number and said that if I decided to give them a second chance to call her. I don't know if I will or not. If I do then I won't see the same doctor I did before that's for sure. Maybe I was spoiled by my doctors in Kansas, if you can be spoiled during eye surgery and all the exams! But Dr. Gangadhar and Dr. McGuire both didn't want to rush into surgery like the guy here did. I went through the contact lens torture for a few months before they finally agreed that wasn't going to work for me. Even though I hated the contacts I appreciated the fact they weren't anxious to throw me into the surgical chair.

I just thought it was interesting that I got a phone call out of the blue like that this morning.

Especially right after I had called our family doctor to talk to the nurse about some questions concerning Robbie. The boy has bruises from knee to ankle on both legs. It seriously looks like somebody has beat the tar out of his legs. We've asked him what's happened and get the "I don't know" response. Even though I didn't think his medication was the cause I wanted to double check if it caused easy bruising. The nurse looked it up while talking to me and it doesn't. She said her first thought was that someone IS kicking him and he just doesn't want to tell us. I told her that was my first thought too but he's a tough nut to crack and so far he's not giving up any information. A fact that kills me as a mom but I'm not going to let myself go that route today.

I also asked her if Robbie was tested for gluten allergies with the blood work last month. He wasn't. I told her that while I was in Kansas someone mentioned it to me (Thanks Kay and Jeannie!) and said that while I knew looking at medical websites could be a dangerous thing to do that Robbie seemed to meet some of the symptoms. She understands that I'm trying to find some definitive answer as to why all this stuff, to us, just suddenly popped up. She was going to talk to the doctor and call me back about setting Robbie up for testing for gluten allergies. Mark and I both agree we need to start a food/mood diary for the boy and see if we can find some corelations. Some rhyme or reason as to why some days are mysteriously (again to us) good and others are horrible for Robbie. I just want him to be happy again and right now he's not. And it's my job to keep turning over stones to figure out why so stone turning I'll keep on doing!

Then I had to run errands including working at Katie's school book fair. I'm such a sucker for books! All my kids know it! So yes, Katie came in and I bought books for her and the newest 39 Clues book for Robbie. I adopted the mantra from this past week-end and kept saying "It's for charity!" LOL These kids are all 5th or 6th graders. I'm not sure what grade this one boy is but he looked like the stereotypical kid that gets teased a lot. The kind that pulls at those mama heart strings. He bought a book that his class had already read because he really liked it and wanted to re-read it a lot. Kid after my own heart! That was AFTER he made sure he had enough money to first buy a book for his little sister! AND he was spending his birthday money! Go ahead, admit it, you just thought "Awwwwwwwwwwwww!" like I said at the time! There were three of us moms working at the time and we all told him how sweet he was and what a great big brother he was. He just thanked us and acted like he wasn't doing anything special at all. There are days I wish I were wealthy so I could give it others and today was one of those days. I would have bought that boy every book he wanted for himself and his sister!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wichita Trip-Day One

I have flown several times before but this trip was the first time I've ever flown by myself, no husband or kids along, just me! It was an adjustment to just have to keep track of me and my stuff but it was kind of nice! The only problem came from not having that automatic seat mate! I was in "baby planes" both legs of the trip. One seat on one side of the row and two seats on the other side. Indy to St. Louis I sat in the one seat row but St. Louis to Wichita I sat in the seat next to the window and had "touchy, talky" guy sitting next to me. He was one of those people you can just tell is overembellishing the story as he's going along. I had a book in my hand but that didn't deter T&T man at all! He'd touched my knee or my arm every now and then while he was talking. I mentioned my "retired military" husband MANY times! lol And my three childen and two step-children and the s-c's children! I don't think he was flirting with me but he definitely was annoying! I mentally thanked the couple in front of us that were flying home to Hutchinson who would occasionally throw something into the conversation! Safety in numbers and all that! lol

Once we got to Wichita we had to sit on the tarmac because another plane was at our gate. I got a laugh when I said "I'm a mom on a mission so get me to that gate!" Kudos to the ground crew though because in the time it took me to walk from the gate to where Sam was waiting for me my suitcase was already circling the baggage carousel! Then Sam drove me to a restaurant on the west side of town after offering to make a stop somewhere else on the west side to see if I'd be asked to leave said spot! (Don't know where she gets that from!) We went to Pei Wei and enjoyed an early dinner and then my version of the story is she tried to show me the inside of a school bus tail pipe but she'd disagree! ;-)

We hung out at her apartment for a bit and then hit the mall to see if she could find a different outfit for her presentation on Friday which we didn't. A quick trip to Target and then a drive to Sonic, IN THE SNOW, so I could get my lemonberry slush! Stupid snow! And no Kayla, it is NOT magical after you've seen the amount of snow I've seen! lol

Then back to the apartment where I was reminded where Katie gets her talking non-stop skills, it's from her older sister!!! I tried to tag Kayla via Sam's text messaging and tell her she was it but that didn't work! There are different levels of conversation with Sam. There's where you both talk and then there's where only she talks and you make noise when she takes a breath! Love ya, Sam, and you know it's true! But it was so good just being with her so other than my sweatshirt dementor diguise I just sat and listened!

Then it was to bed and trying to sleep which leads to me "wake-up call" on Day Two that I'll go into tomorrow!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

No, no jigs being done here, I'm too exhausted! I had a GREAT time this week-end! My only complaint is that it went way too fast! (Well I could complain about some of my traveling companions but I won' least not today! lol I WILL say, however, that good personal hygeine is NOT optional when you're going to be sealed into small planes with others, people!!!)

It was good to be with Sam all week-end. And it was good to be with my friends at Get Scrappy. I had so much fun and I laughed like I haven't in a looooooooong time! Yes, there were even some of the snorting laughs too! I'm sure that others wouldn't find as funny as we find ourselves and some of the stuff we laughed at might not even make sense to others but we have "great stories that we should tell at parties"!

I don't have the official tally yet but they announced that it was at least $10,000 for the Women's Crisis Center and that's even in a down economy! It was astounding to see the show of hands of people who have been touched in some way by domestic violence and reading Crystal's story (the woman who inspired Linda and Mary to start Get Scrappy) on her "silent witness" provided by the YWCA brought tears to my eyes. I imagine many of us have stories but that's for another day and time. I just can't go there today!

I know I've whined about the move A LOT in the past. So when I say the following I should feel like I should first state a disclaimer! I've accepted the fact of the move and I'm not boo-hooing over it anymore but that said Wichita just feels like HOME when I'm there. Maybe someday the Indy area will but I'm just not there yet. I know things would have changed if we were still there since I'd would have lost my job when all the other "garden refugees" did in October but it still feels like home to me the two times I've been back to visit since moving. All my little birdies would be in the same general nest and I'd have my friends closer too. But I know they're just a phone call or e-mail or Facebook comment away! Not the same as living near each other but it's better than nothing! I was blessed to get that job almost four years ago. Not because of the place but because of the co-workers who became friends. What a great week-end I had with them!

Once I'm over the "traveling tireds" I'll blog some more about it all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough

My younger two children are on a last ditch effort to drive me insane so I can't board the plane I think! I'll spare you the details but I am sooooooooooo ready to get to Wichita where I can see the oldest child who remains steady in her effort to drive me insane and my friends. Just hanging out, cropping, talking, laughing with people who follow (Or who at least are used to) my random thought processes and that I enjoy being around.

Today I'm going to finish up cleaning the house and doing laundry. Am I the only person who feels compelled to do all that before going on a trip? It's not like Mark couldn't do any of it and it's not even like he asked or expected it to be done before I left but *I* feel the need to have it done. Do I expect it to still be clean when I get home? Bahahahahahaha I don't think they'll trash the joint but I don't see any of them jumping out of bed and grabbing a dust cloth or vacuum either! lol

I got my scrapping stuff for the crop into one of those plastic 12x12 boxes and an extra large ziploc bag. I showed it to Mark and he said "Wow! Really?" It does looks sparse but I'd rather spend money on supplies there than to pay for another bag at the check-in counter! I do think I'm actually ok though. I'm sure there's something I'll have forgotten but I think I did pretty well in packing! I'm scrapping all the pictures from Sam's first trip out here last summer. In theory I could actually run out of stuff to do but knowing myself I'm not worried about that!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The countdown is on

In 48 hours I will hopefully have just lifted off the ground from the Indy airport on my way to Wichita. My fear is my plane will be cancelled and I'll have to wait for a later flight or be re-routed! Luck hasn't exactly been a friend lately but I'm going to try to maintain high hopes! Just like that little old ant! In my mind I'm singing that song along with Laverne and Shirley!

I think I'm pretty much ready to go scrapping supplywise. I finally threw in the towel and said if I needed something else then I'd hopefully find it at Get Scrappy or I'd go to Scrapfunattic and find it! I do want to cut out a couple of things on my Cricut but I'm sure I'm going to forget something! And I'm also sure I'm taking some stuff that I won't even use! Just the nature of the beast!

And a shout out to Scrapfunattic for getting behind Get Scrappy 4! I had planned on going out there on Friday morning anyway but now I really feel the need to support their family business! It's a shame that I feel, both morally and ethically, unable to support my former place of employment. Yes, it's a business and a source of income for the owners but I still say that losing the "me first" mentality could boost business more than they'd realize. Unfortunately I don't see the current attitude there changing.

Changing gears for a bit, things are still stressful around here. Long stories short: we're changing doctors for Robtar. He's still losing weight and it seems like we go two steps forward somedays and two steps back on others. Katie has her inital appointment with the orthodontist next week too (both appointments on the same day...yes, I'm a glutton for punishment). I'm a little nervous about the appointment from things the dentist said but I'm not telling her that. I'm talking her down of the fear wall whenever she tries to climb it. I'd like to go wire some classmates mouths shut to stop them from giving her misinformation! (yes, I'm a mean mom too!) Last night Mark told me he wanted me to promise him two things. First was I would do my best to put all this crap out of my mind while I'm at Get Scrappy and just enjoy myself. He got the "Are you new?" look. Then he said "And the second thing I want you to promise me is....THAT YOU'RE COMING BACK!!!" LOL I joked with him that I could get off the plane in Chicago and disappear and he said that's what he's afraid of! Don't worry, dear, I'll be back! heehee

Lately it has been a challenging time for me and my faith. My very good friend, Kelli, e-mailed me today and I'm trying something she suggested. I have some friends I've made online through a scrapping message board on AOL years ago and there are a few of them who lately have helped me more than I can ever say. I think Kel's the lifeline God's throwing to me because He knows where my faith is right now. Jeanne is the one who understands what I'm saying, thinking, feeling and reminds me I'm NOT the root of all evil. Laura's the one who throws some common sense thinking my way even when I don't want it. ;-) And Leonore is the one who sympathizes with me (and Samantha too!) and always knows what to say to make me smile and sometimes even laugh! Thank you ladies!

And now this week-end I get to go hang out with my former CO-WORKERS and STILL friends (better, Sarah?! ;-) ) and I know there will be a lot of laughter and comfort there! And I'm sure there will be several times I do the lovely laugh-snort too! And I can talk to myself again without people looking at me strangely! Yessss!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey little reader, want some Girl Scout cookies?!

I have become a cookie pusher! I thought about saying a "cookie pushing 'ho" but that just didn't seem appropriate since we're talking about Girl Scouts! Katie's cookie sales numbers took a nose dive this year. Her "customer base" is back in Kansas and it was so cold and snowy during the pre-sale that she didn't get the numbers she wanted. I've been talking to the cookie mom about cookies and other things (yay! an adult to talk to that I'm not married to!) and she told me (and the other parents) that if the troop sells another 80 boxes or so then the numbers average out so each girl gets a t-shirt. Mark's sold some more at work and I sold some at the dentist office. Irony at it's best, isn't it?! lol This morning when I was at the cookie mom's house to pick up some cookies the dentist's office called my cell to say I could come in early. I told them I was at the cookie mom's house and would go straight to their office from there. Then without even thinking I asked "So does anyone there need more cookies?!" I sold two more boxes! The c.m. and I were laughing and I said "I used to be a quiet, reserved person, honest!" We talked about how we go out of our comfort zones for our kids. Ain't that the truth?!

Now I feel like I should get a trench coat like that old character, Lefty the Salesman, on Sesame Street who was always trying to sell Ernie a letter. Except my line would be "Pssssssst! Hey kid, wanna buy some cookies?!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it Saturday yet?!

This is the week of the multitude of appointments. And just this morning I remembered I volunteered to help Robbie's math teacher with an ice cream party on Friday! So I guess it's a good thing I'm going to meet Mark for lunch and then hit the commissary down there and get some groceries today instead of my normal pay-day grocery run.

All this running around and getting myself and/or others all over the metro Indy area means I haven't had any time to work on packing for the crop next week. (YAY!!! It's NEXT WEEK!!!!) I know, I know...I've known about this for two months and have had plenty of time before this week to plan and pack but....wait for know what's coming....ARE YOU NEW?! Packing for a crop two months early?! I can't even wrap my head around that kind of thinking! ;-)

Robbie has a laser-tag birthday party to go to Saturday morning but then I THINK we actually have the rest of the week-end off! First time in almost two months! There's a slight chance we may be selling girl scout cookies (anybody need some???) on Sunday but I think that's a very slight chance. But from my post the other day you know how well trying to do anything scrap-related with everyone home works for me! Monday morning is my morning to volunteer at Katie's school library and then there's scouts Monday night. Now we're pushing into Tuesday and Wednesday and it has to be finished by Wednesday night because Thursday I'm "leaving on a jet plane"! Sing along, you know the words!

Back to one of the multitude of appointments this week, both the kids passed their dental cleanings with no cavitites! YAY! However, we have to make an appointment with an orthodontist for Katie. We knew it was coming but still doesn't prepare you for it! Ka-ching ka-ching The dentist showed me her panoramic x-ray and I see why he thinks some teeth may need pulled. They are crowded in there! And she has several baby teeth that are trying to hang in there for dear life. And I saw one of her permanent teeth in her upper gum that is coming in at an angle and is now up against the root of another tooth. So we have to get some space in there for that thing to come down before it messes up the roots of the other teeth. He also said it's not just her teeth out of alignment but her jaw as well. He started talking about "appliances" and Katie's eyes were getting bigger and she was looking scared so I did a slight head shake and he nodded in understanding and cut that conversation short for now. "We'll see what the ortho says and go from there." He has kids so he knows! lol

I'm still waiting for MY billion dollar bail out! Heck, I'd settle for a million!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My dental PSA for the day

If as a child, like me, you got some of those lovely silver metal fillings in your teeth and as an adult a dentist (or two) says to you "Those should be replaced someday.", believe them and do it sooner rather than later!

I spent two and half fun-filled hours in the ol' dental chair today. (And my day's not over because I have to get the boy to a doctor's appt in Indy and the girl back here for a scout thing by 5:30--I hate Mondays!) We all thought that they were going to replace three old fillings and put in one small new one thanks to a new cavity. The x-rays LIED! There was decay under two of the old fillings, the new cavity was bigger than it appeared on the x-ray and they found yet another new one hiding between teeth when they removed the old filling. I honestly lost track of how many times a needle was shot into my mouth. I've always had a high tolerance to those meds and needed "extra" anyway but because of the amount of work they were doing the meds were wearing off faster than any of us wanted them to! One of the dental techs said "I've never seen anybody get that many shots before!" Happy to be the first for you!

I'm starting to feel bruise-like sore at some of the shot sites but I'm still a numb, swollen feeling mess. They told me to not try to eat anything other than yogurt or ice cream for a few hours so I didn't hurt myself. Once I got home I thought "How difficult will it be to eat some yogurt?!" I have spent the last 35 minutes laughing at myself as I try to eat a little six ounce cup of yogurt! Literally laughing out loud at myself as I try to suck the yogurt off the spoon! Yes, I am sometimes easily amused! It's kind of sad though when you have to go look in the mirror to make sure you're clean after eating something as simple as yogurt! lol

The highlight was probably when the one dentist (it's a husband and wife team) said that having had those fillings since I was a kid they were probably close to 20 years old. I laughed and said "Yeah, we'll go with 20!" ;-) And the fun thing is I get to go back Thursday for the left side!!! So when a dentist tells you an old filling needs replaced...BELIEVE THEM!!!! Don't wait because you never know what those nasty little bacteria are doing in their little silver love hideaway!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Page planning...something actually scrapbooking related!

In an attempt to push past the "this money would be wiser spent elsewhere" feelings I'm attempting to plan some pages for the Get Scrappy crop in Wichita. Since the airlines charge you per bag now and I couldn't drag all my stuff with me anyway I need to plan my pages. It's harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! I'm a "push the photos around and hem and haw over all my crap..I mean scrapping supplies and then decided what to use" kinda gal. I know pre-planning works for many people but my thoughts have always been if I'm going to go that far into the layout I might as well slap it all together right then and there! I picked out the photos and now I just have to start going through my stuff and making "page piles" as I'm calling'em.

Here's where the "problem", such as is it, lies. We used to have a basement and I had a dark corner at the far end. Not great on lighting but it was a few yards away from the kids playing video games and I could have my iPod hooked up to the speakers and scrap away. Here we don't have a basement. We have what they called a "loft" at the top of the stairs on the second floor. It's become our "basement" in a smaller space. So within a few feet there is someone on the computer, someone else on the PlayStation and then me in my corner looking at my scrapping stuff. These "stations" are too close together for me to turn on my music without bothering others and it's hard to concentrate when you're hearing ninja fighting noises coming from the boy's Naruto game on the PlayStation! I miss my "hole in the ground" and my space.

But back to planning because the mood I'm in I could really go off on a tangent! I have one of those 12x12 plastic boxes that I'm going to throw everything into. Mary offered me the use of her paper trimmer when she first heard I was flying in so I don't have to worry about packing that! Now I just need to figure out what lettering or shapes I want to cut out of my Cricut and then cut them out and run them through the Xyron. Oh, I'll be just like Lisa B. when she's on QVC! Except I'm pretty sure she has somebody doing all that work for her before she "demos" a page! lol I have a little over a week to accomplish this. Anybody want to place a bet???