Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where to start?

Ok, Jeanne, I get the message! ;-) It's kind of funny that you (and I'm including myself in that generic sort of "you") don't write for a bit because there's not much worth writing about and then it becomes a "Oh my gosh, all of this has gone on and I don't even know where to begin!" Not that I think my life is overly exciting and what movies are made of, mind you, I have no delusions of grandeur!

Let's just stick with the boy for this entry, shall we? There are days I feel like it's one step forward and three steps back. I can only imagine what it feels like to his nine year old mind! The "anti-touching" thing is still an issue. Long story short they did a med change thinking it would help and it actually got worse, noticeably worse. Even to himself. The doc's solution? Let's add back the old medicine on top of the new so now he's taking three pills a day which makes me more than nervous. I keep expressing my concern about this and the docs keep telling me "It's not's just until HE can manage to control these things himself without use of the meds." Ok, I get that. And I get that they are far more trained in this area than I am or will ever be BUT....(you knew there was one coming, didn't you?! heehee) he is NINE YEARS OLD. The boy is intelligent (he gets it from his mama!) but at nine years old does he even possess the skills to "apply tools" for this? I' nine years old and I'm not sure I could do it all the time.

And it's one thing to take a medical cocktail myself not sure of the results but it's an entirely different story when you're basically forcing your child to do it. You have to wonder what long term affects will be. And could this come back to bite him later on down the road if he wants to apply for some job and he has to say yes, he took some of these medications? It's just so harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! And now for a moment of bare naked honesty....there are days I just don't want to do it anymore. Take the basic parenting stresses and irritations that pop up and then throw a mental health issue on top of it and it's "no gouda" as we say around here. There are a couple of online scrapping buddies that help me hold on to whatever scrap of sanity I have left. And on those days I hear one of them saying "Just get through this minute, then the hour, and then the day". And that's what I do. And I remind myself that as frustrating as it is on my end it has to be even worse on his. Which also adds to my angst because I CAN'T take this thing from my child so he doesn't have to deal with it but that's a whole other post!

We are blessed this year in that he got a wonderful teacher. She's used to "quirky" kids because she's been teaching the gifted and talented class for a few years now. She is one of those teachers that still enjoys their career and she goes out and studies up on methods and things on her own personal time. I try to remember to thank God for her every day! I love that she will make allowances for some of the boy's issues but she also holds him accountable when he needs to be. She called me to warn me about his grades but assured me that he knows his stuff. He's just not taking the time to get it down on the homework and tests like he should. He wants to rush through those things but could talk about it to her for hours she said. She told me that she will catch him doing something else when he's supposed to be listening so she'll call him out on it. She said "And darn it if he can't repeat to me what I said word for word and then expand on it!" I said "I know! Don't you hate when he can do that because he does it to me too!" We got a good (and probably much needed laugh) over it.

The other night at supper Robbie was telling us that his teacher changed the seating around in class. He said "It's a test! She put girls with girls and boys with boys! And she put my two best friends right next to me!" I told him "Well son, I hope you can pass it!" Then he said she told them she changed seats around because they were being loud and obnoxious! I about spit peas across the table at Katie from laughing so hard! I asked "Well, where you all being loud and obnoxious?" After a few beats of silence he said "Um...probably." LOL I know some parents would be up in arms over it but in the context Robbie told me and from chats I've had with her I LOVE the fact she called them all out on it! And he owned it. She told me that's another good thing is that Robbie will own his mistakes in class. So he'll admit to them, he just won't slow down to prevent them from happening again!

And so there is the novella on the boy. Jeanne, that should keep you reading for awhile! Hugs my friend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog entry coming soon

I just saw Jeanne's comment about my falling off the face of the Earth! LOL I'm still here, it's just been either "nothing to say" or "way too much to say" lately! Right now I'm fighting a headache for the past few days so I'm not in much of a bloggin' kind of mood but I will be back! Don't worry, there will be new entries for you insominacs ("I wish she'd write something so I could fall asleep! heehee) soon!