Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hormonal Women Shouldn't Blog

Doesn't that sound like a great title for a movie?! Sounds like a Mike Nichols movie to me! I see the opening....a frazzled looking woman driving a tank in a big city and there in her sights is that annoying Mother Nature character from those stupid commercials! It would be "poifect" I tell ya, "poifect"!

So THAT being said....hee hee hee... I'm smacking my fingers today to not reply to a variety of FB statuses (statui???) today. There's no reason for me to take any of them personally but they're causing some reaction just the same. Sometimes I'm not a fan of maturity and would love to let loose with some catty remarks of my own but somewhere in my head that ol' fuddy-duddy reminds me that there are consequences of such actions. She's such a stick in the mud!

I'm starting my vacation/staycation. I should be h-a-p-p-y!!! (You have to spell that like you're cheering folks!) But Hormonal Woman is battling Fuddy Duddy Woman......where the heck does that leave ME?????? And thus I'm in a bit of a funk today. This too shall pass but probably not fast enough! ;-)

We're still waiting for the family doctor's office to get the insurance referral before the pediatric orthopedist's office will schedule an appointment. That's not helping the HW vs FDW wars either! lol

And so I shall stop blogging and go on to figure out the closing scene for the aforementioned movie!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just rambling

We lost a tree during our thunderstorm yesterday evening. It wasn't a huge tree but still it had nest in it and had been home to some baby birds. I'm hoping they were strong enough to fly away before the recorded 74 mph wind gust came through! Or they were at least strong enough to "wind surf" with the gust. They're probably setting up home in Ohio or Pennsylvannia at this point! But that makes two evenings in a row when storms have rolled through. Makes me wonder what tonight may bring!

I'm taking the boy to the doctor today and I'm a little nervous about it, hence my rambling! His gait has always been a bit "off" compared to other kids. A doctor two years ago told us to try getting him on a bicycle because she had read that can help. We tried to get him on a bike and even got the kid a new bike (since his other one was too small) for his birthday last year when that was not what he really wanted. He tried to ride it but he just can't keep his balance on it. I noticed about a month ago when I was following him down the stairs that his one leg turns almost perpinduclar to the other when he goes downstairs. You can also notice it when he runs. He's made comments about how he's no good at the things they do in PE and I think other kids may have been saying things. This week-end after scout camp he mentioned to Mark that he thought he needed to see the doctor about his leg and feet so we're wondering if something was said at camp too. Which with kids being kids is a good possibility.

I feel so badly for him. He's had a tough road the past couple of years. But he's developed a wicked sense of humor with a flair for sarcasm! (No idea where he may get that DNA from!)

I'm hoping they can refer us to physical therapy or something and not in the direction of surgery which is where my worried Mom mind wants to go but I keep telling it to STOP! Hopefully there will be some exercises or stretches or something we can do.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I actually scrapped!

Ok, it's been a work in progress for a few weeks but I just finished it last week. I always want to scrap but can't seem to sit down and do it for some reason.

But anywho.......last year we got free tickets to the 4th of July Indianapolis Indians ball game. Of course a weird weather front came through and it was a chilly monsoon all day long. We decided to head down there anyway since there was a "chance" that the rain would let didn't! At one point the cement steps on one part of the bleachers was the backdrop for a lovely waterfall! We were all soaked and miserable but it was still kind of fun!
As for the layout...I bought the "baseball" sticker but I made the question mark and the "rainfall!" using my Cricut and Glossy Accents. How is it I have never used the GA before??!! That stuff is so cool! It makes me want to make all kinds of glossy stickers! lol Oh, and I used tiny Doodlebug rub on letters on the baseball too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

Conversation with Katie today....

Katie "So how was work? Any stupid people today?"

Me: "Just me."

Katie: "Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooom, you're NOT stupid!"

First let me point out that it's my 13 yo saying I'm not stupid. A notable feat in and of itself! lol

Secondly, I know I'm not stupid but I just feel that way a lot at work. I really feel like I'm thinking through all the things I need to before I do something but it's still been an "interesting" few weeks. And I should note that no one I work with/for is treating me like THEY think I'm stupid and I was told that I'm harder on myself than my supervisor ever would be. But I still hate feeling stupid! Yes, I know, NO ONE likes feeling that way! Some MIGHT, MAYBE, PERHAPS say that I have some control issues. Ha, ha, ha, I scoff at that! ;-) I don't have control issues, I just want to know it all! Where's the problem in that?!?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog slacker

Over a month since I've blogged?! What has my vast audience done without my pearls of wisdom?! coughcoughhackhack...yeah, that last one was a little hard for me to swallow too!

I wish I could tell you I haven't blogged because I was too busy doing wonderful acts of humanitarism....orrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... traveling around the world....orrrrrrrrrrr....skipping down the lane with singing woodland creatures living a fairy tale life but sad to say...NOPE! It's just been a busy time.

The kids are now out of school for the summer so things may slow down a bit which would be nice! We took a Memorial Day week-end trip in to PA and Mark got to see his mom, siblings, his oldest two kids and their kids. Katie had a great time being Aunt Katie too. Busy jam-packed week-end and a few debates on how to pronounce the word "CREEK". And I stand by my saying a "crick" is what you get in your neck!

And now for a random (it's not really but I don't feel like going into details!) shout out to my friend, Jeanne. Who told me in an e-mail the other day that I'm strong. She said other nice things to me too but I needed that particular shot in the arm! Especially after spending several days feeling like I shouldn't be burdening anyone with my thoughts. I never think that about anyone else and tell people to stop being silly if they say it but for some reason it's ok for me to think it. I don't know! But Jeanne is one cool lady and also has one of the coolest blogs I've ever read! I want to be more like her! Thanks Jeanne!