Friday, April 23, 2010


Musings goes well with Monday but for poor old Friday all I can think of is Flatulence and while that may be an accurate description of my bloggings I still don't want to use it! lol

Friday Findings??? Well, I don't think I'm really finding anything though.

Friday Fiascos??? No, that doesn't work either, it's been a calm day today.

Friday FillInTheBlank/ForgetAboutItAndTypeAlready??? Ding, ding, ding we have a "weiner"! Although the alliteration is not that good!

I picked Katie up at the school an hour ago after her three day 7th grade camping trip. We hadn't even pulled away from the light at the school when the 'TUDE made it's presence known. I had hoped that she'd either be so weary or so thankful to be home that we'd get through the night at least before Tudezilla showed up. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be! I know I'm asking too much of a brain that will turn 13 on Sunday but in all my parental glory I've been known to slip and wonder WHY??? Why almost 13 yo brain would you think it's a good idea to get that snot-nosed tone in your voice and to talk in the manner that is going to get you into trouble?!? And then, it hits my 43 yo brain....."WHY ARE YOU ASKING WHY?! IT'S AN ALMOST 13 YO BRAIN, FOOL!!!" And then I clear away the steam that came pouring out of my ears and go find a quiet spot until the next eruption!

Monday at work we are starting Mission SlimPossible. It's open to everyone who works for the bank no matter what building/state they are in and it's going to last for six weeks. it will work something like The Biggest Loser. We'll turn in our percentage of weight loss each week (after the initial weigh in Monday) and see who wins. I'm not sure if we're just winning bragging rights or what but it's certainly a good motivational tool to finally get me started and to keep going. I can get started, I just quit! One of my co-workers pointed out the other day that if we don't try during the week it affects the whole team and not just ourselves. That was the point I thought "Oh craaaaaaaap!" GUILT! Guilt is a good motivator! I do well during the day but for some reason at night I want to snack. And exercise and I have not been very close buddies either. Time to get reacquainted! UGH! I don't mind hiking or doing stuff like that but I hate exercising just for the sake of exercising. I know it's good for you but it feels like I'm wasting time because I'm not accomplishing anything right then and there, you know? Like getting to point B, or smacking a ball, or whatever! Oh well, time to just do it anyway! Almost sounds like a sportswear ad, doesn't it?! Hey?! Does that count for anything?!!

If anyone has any good "gettin' healthy" tips, lay'em on me!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday morning musings

1. No, I'm NOT your mother, 4th grade girl at the bus stop, but when you and others are pushing each other for "fun" on the sidewalk and I envision a busted head I'm going to tell you to stop it. And all the "who do you think you are?!" looks and walking away muttering won't intimidate me in the least. This ain't my first dance at the rodeo, chickie!

2. I'm very appreciative of the fact my husband made the bed this morning while I was in the shower in the attempt to brighten my mood. A dark funk descended last night and it's still hanging out but I appreciate what he did and his offer to clean the bathroom tonight.

3. I adore spring but I'm hating the high tree pollen count that is causing misery for me, Katie and countless others!

4. Similar note, I like the dandelion patches I see on the side of the roads as I drive to work. Reminds me of when I was a kid playing in the yard. And the inevitable game of "Mama had a baby and it's head POPPED off!" as we snapped the not yet bloomed dandelion heads off the stems. Did you ever stop and think how so many nursery rhymes and things are kind of gruesome in their basis?! Ring Around The Rosy, etc, etc. That might explain a lot!

5. I wasn't sure I wanted to drive the 2+ hours to Alumni in two weeks but now that I realize due to other things going on that week-end I can't make it that makes me kind of sad. And I'm not sure why since the people I was closest to in high school can't make it anyway.

6. I wonder what it will take to kick this dark gloomy funk out of my head!