Sunday, July 18, 2010

I know, I know

Once again I am a blog slacker which I guess is better than being a log snacker. Can you imagine how the bark must get stuck in your teeth?!?

Once again I have no good reason to not have blogged and once again I'm not all that sure it matters to anybody out there anyway! LOL I have been "busy" taming the wild frontier and fighting off bears, groundhogs, foxes and snakes though! Ok, so it's just over on Frontierville via Facebook but it's still a frontier out there!

Speaking of Facebook I followed a link from a friend's wall to some stranger's blog. She had blogged about the mayor of her small community killing her older teen daughter and then herself. I guess there was an uproar about having a joint funeral and a memorial service being held for the mayor which led the blog author to talk about how judgements from people like that are probably the very reason this woman and her daughter didn't reach out to anyone while they were in so much pain. It seems the husband/father had died of cancer two years prior and the home had been close to foreclosure four times among other problems they were dealing with. I don't know what was going on in the woman's mind or that of her daughter but the whole story saddens me. Not only for the loss AND the pain they were going through and now their family and friends are going through but also because I know there are other people struggling out there who either don't know how or won't ask for help simply because of the judgements they fear. And sad to say in many cases they're probably justified in that fear.

Depression is an evil thing. It can quickly sneak up on you and try to pull you under. Or it can just linger around like a haze tainting things just enough that nothing seems right and you don't know quite why. I used to have somewhere that I thought I could go to for some support but found out the hard way that either support wasn't known how to be given or just didn't want to be, or so the judgements I faced there seemed then and admittedly still do. Thankfully there are a couple of good friends from that place that still hold me in the palm of their hands and hopefully they think I do the same for them.

I'm just as guilty of being judgemental at times. We are all human and therefore fallible. I will rant about "stupid people" and even judgemental people which kind of lumps me into that same boat doesn't it? And I'll also admit that if I catch someone lying to me I'll get judgemental pretty fast, I dealt with a liar for far too long way back when and just don't have the patience to do it anymore. But I do hope that anyone I know, whether in person or online, knows that if they feel like they are at the end of their rope and it's fraying fast that they can count on me to be there. I may not know any good words of wisdom but if I can throw a lifeline to someone so they don't feel alone and that they don't feel they have to choose the path the woman I mentioned earlier did then hopefully that will be enough for that moment. Sometimes day by day is too much and you just have to go minute by minute.

And now I'll get down off my soapbox and go fight a bear or something!