Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

We had a tanker truck explode on the interstate yesterday. The amazing thing is no one died and there were only a few non-life-threatening injuries. The pictures on the news and in the paper (you could try or if you want to see) make you wonder how anyone survived it. It happened where I-69 and I-465 come together here on the northeastside so now we'll have to find some alternate routes to get into downtown Indy for awhile. It happened on an underpass so they have to check the bridge structure stability before anyone can drive on it. That's the big local news.

Personal news....I'm feeling frustrated and worn out this morning so instead of griping I'm going to my three things and wishing you all a fabulous Friday!

1. Leaf rain--you know that sound leaves make as their skittering across pavement....I love that sound!

2. the fact the overnight downpour of actual rain, no leaves, seems to have abated long enough for me to walk the boy to the bus stop in a few minutes!

3. alone time--everybody needs it every once in awhile.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wily Wednesday

Three days in a row I've blogged now. I hope certain people have noticed! ;-)

I gave Katie the last of the nighttime cold medicine last night because she needed it worse than I did but I woke up with a nasty sinus headache. Eh, we're supposed to hit 70 today so I'm sure that will help it go away quickly!

Minor complaint, and I know it is so minor in the scheme of all we've been dealing with with the boy, but I wish we could go just one morning where I didn't have to keep repeating directions over and over just to get him ready for school! " your milk....drink your milk.....brush your teeth.....have you brushed them yet......get dressed.....have you changed yet....what are you doing in there and why are you still in your pajamas......etc...etc....etc" I think it's just bothering me more this morning because of the stupid headache. I'm glad the medicine for the ADD seems to kick in by the time school starts but there are mornings I wish I had woke him up around 4 am just to take the medicine and then have him go back to sleep until it's time to get ready for school! Hey, I never claimed to be mom of the year!

Robbie mentioned something about my flamingo marionette (see what I mean about focusing on getting ready for school?! lol) this morning. I'm grateful to him though because it sparked an idea to expand upon my Christmas card idea! Heeheehee....when we bought the house in Kansas (I still miss that house! sigh) I had flocks of flamingos arriving from all over the U.S. So now I think.......well, I don't want to ruin the surprise!

My three things.......

1. My quirky kid that inspires me even when he's driving me around the bend!

2. Our 13 yo Belle the Heinz 57 variety of pooch. She's an "old lady" now but she still likes to be in the same room with one of us at all times. I was so sick when I was pregnant with Katie and Belle would curl up next to me as I just laid there on the bathroom floor since there was no point in leaving the bathroom at that point! She can't see or hear as well as she used to but she still likes to position herself so she'll notice movement and can haul herself up to follow us to the next room.

3. My husband--who will get up and make me and the kids brownie sundaes during the Biggest Loser without commenting too much on the irony!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toddlin' along Tuesday

I think from this point forward I'm not going to mention the job until I hear something. I drove by the new branch yesterday and it doesn't even have a paved parking lot yet so I'm hoping that means there's still a chance. But it gets old saying "No news yet" so when I know you all will know!

Katie stayed home today. A lot of congestion and coughing from the drainage but still no fever thankfully. I think a day of rest and fluids will do her good. The good news is we're actually into the 60s today! The weatherman said this morning it was the first time in 23 days we were going to be near average temps, not that anybody's counting! So I just opened the windows and hopefully all the old, stinky, germy air will blow out and we'll have nice, fresh, sunshine-smelling air in the house instead! Let a woman have a dream, ok?!? ;-)

I spent the morning dusting and washing dresser scarves and the like in our room. Dusting sets off my allergies in a most undelightful way so I always put it off. Evidently I had put dusting our bedroom off for a lonnnnnnnnng time! achoo! Another reason I hate turning the furnace on (besides the gas bill!) is all the dust that seems to come out of the ducts even though we had someone come in to clean them last summer. But for today and tomorrow I'm going to enjoy the non-forced air breezes and those afternoon temps of mid-60s!

I think I'm going to try to keep my three things I'm thankful for going until Thanksgiving. Here's hoping I can do it!

1. warm, actual fall-like weather!
2. a nice cold Coca-Cola
3. a certain Schnoodle named Daisy Doodle that likes to jump in my lap and "help" me read whatever it is I'm reading at the time!

Oh, and just for the record I have to say it's kind of weirding me out that I'm seeing hits on my blog from Seoul and Jakarta when I don't know anyone there and it looks like they're finding me through some sites that tell you how to get more hits and referrals on your blog! I don't need more hits or referrals on my blog, folks! I welcome new friends but this is just a little strange!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another manic Monday

I started to blog a couple of times this week-end and got sidetracked every time and now I'm not feeling chatty. Go figure!

Still no news on the job front.

Katie has a cold and is sharing it with me. Grrrrrrrr, I just barely got over the non-oinking flu! At least there's no fever this time so there's a bright spot.

Two weeks until we take her to see Celtic Thunder!!! I'm getting as excited as she's been since the ticket arrived! Soon we'll be northbound for South Bend. Very confusing! lol

Samantha asked me last night if I'd be mad if she moved back to Kansas next summer. Mad? No but..... I told her before we wouldn't be paying for the move like we did this summer and last night I told her people wouldn't be mad......and she said "Upset?"...... I basically said that people wouldn't be thrilled but she has to do whatever she feels she has to do at this point in her life. And that's about all I can say about that.

My three things:

colorful fall leaves --just wish it would be warm and more importantly dry enough to get out and try to take some pictures of them before they're all gone!

a Steeler win yesterday--makes for a happier hubby and even though I couldn't give you any stats on the team I'm always glad to see them win!

my son showing compassion towards others--we were watching Extreme Home Makeover last night and Robbie out of the blue said something along the lines of us being terrible for not helping all those people. I explained how not everyone can go build a house but we help others in different ways. He commented on how bad some of the houses are on that show and how he has a good house and shouldn't care that he doesn't have everything he wants. Pretty heady stuff for a nine year old! Do I think he'll continue that thought when it comes time to ask Santa for Christmas presents? Probably not but at least I know he DOES think about things like that and will hopefully continue thinking about it and become quite the compassionate young man as he grows older!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the waiting is the hardest part

Sing along, you know you want to! Early Thursday morning and I still haven't heard one way or the other. But I'm surprisingly calm about it. If I get the job then great and if I don't get it then I'll be disappointed but I'll try to take it as that means there's something better out there. Eh!

Again it's a rainy, chilly day. A local weatherman said this morning we could not get another drop of rain or snow this year and still end the year above normal in rainfall. I've heard Seattle is beautiful but if this is what the majority of their weather days are like I could never do it! AND....there's a chance of snow flurries this week-end as it's supposed to get below freezing overnight! WHAT?!?!?! In October?!?!?! We went straight from muggy-running-the-a/c-temps to grab-a-sweater-break-down-and-turn-on-the-heat temps. Where were the jeans and a t-shirt weather days? If this is a sign of the winter to come then I'm afraid, very afraid!

But here are my three of the day (I know I'm not blogging every day but take what you get! lol)
I'm thankful for:

1. The boy's teacher this year
2. My computer that allows me to keep in contact with my friends
3. Samantha made cookies last night!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

still no word

It's Tuesday afternoon and I still haven't heard either way about the job. If only they'd come to my blog or Facebook page they'd see from some of my friends that I'd make a good employee! Hmm, do you think we'll get to the point where you really can get referrals right off of Facebook??? Sort of an enterprising yet scary thought at the same time!

Robbie had a good appointment yesterday! I'm always nervous about celebrating the good things because I feel like the fickle hand of Fate is just ready to smack me down for daring to announce any joy! Hey, if you really know me then you understand and are not at all surprised by that fact! ;-) Robbie has been drawing comic books for a few months now. It came up yesterday during his appointment and we asked him what "the thought" would be called and look like as a super villian. He came up with Super Stinky and drew a picture for the therapist. She gave him "homework" of drawing out a story of Super Stinky being defeated. I think we may have finally found something that will make him believe he IS strong enough to "talk back to the OCD". I hope and pray so anyway!

I'm part of a group of women that I "met" online that sounds around a book box. We use a priority box so it's the same shipping for everyone and then when each person gets the box they take out the books that look interesting to them and in turn put in their old books to refill it. I got that box today! Always a good mail day when you get books! I have so many paperbacks I need to read from the last time they came around and some my mom gave me in the spring. I need to avoid the library for awhile and catch up on them but I just can't seem to do that! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE books?!?!? lol

I've also kicked around a Christmas card idea using my Cricut. Haven't tried to make a prototype yet but I have an idea in my head after seeing some cards online. I'm taking bits and pieces of other ideas for mine, it won't be fancy but hopefully those that get it will like it! (assuming I get them finished!) After having a family member laugh and tell me I had too much time on my hands after sending out handmade cards one year I don't send handmade cards to everyone. It's a little disheartening when you craft something and you feel it's not appreciated!

So my three things today.....
1. I'm thankful for Robbie's great and funny mood yesterday and this morning! Even if I could have waited for the one joke he told last night until AFTER supper! lol

2. I'm thankful for books, those who write the books and the LIBRARY!

3. And I'm thankful for the two guys at Mike's Car Wash that saw how muddy the wheel wells on the van were after the "boys" scout trip this week-end and they worked on cleaning them for me even though I didn't pay for the Deluxe wash! Sometimes it's the smallest thing that can make a person's day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The sun!!!

After what feels like months of constant rain and no sunshine we have a cold but SUNNY morning! It definitely rained basically non-stop from Thursday morning until late last night so maybe not months but it felt like it! It was supposed to stop around noon yesterday but apparently the front stalled out. The guys' scout den decided not to camp out last night (I'm not sure the tent stakes would stay in the saturated ground anyway!) but they went up to the "event" this morning and plan to stay the whole day and maybe the night too. So at least they got to stay warm and dry last night!

It's just me and Katie today since the guys are gone and Samantha's at work. I HAVE to vacuum since it hasn't been done in over a week thanks to the flu and I bet there's probably 10 pounds of dog hair in the carpet! But after that I think I may just play with my scrapping supplies today! I say that and always get distracted but today I'm going to try to stay on crafty task!

My interview lasted for 45 minutes so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I don't think it was a slam dunk but I think I still have a good shot. I'm not sure how many others they're interviewing or when they're planning on making a decision. Two good questions I SHOULD have asked but didn't think about until I was driving home! Those nerves I said I didn't have started hitting the closer the Garmin told me I was getting yesterday morning! The fact I don't have actual banking teller experience isn't helping since my credit union days was back office but I stressed I did have face to face interaction with people there and also said "If you can help a mother of the bride whose daughter has decided at the last minute she wants handmade invitations to her wedding stay calm and have her leaving the store happy then you can deal with just about anything!" And I think I answered some of their questions in a good way if I'm any good at reading faces! We'll see and if nothing else I survived my first job interview in over five years! Almost four years at the Garden and then a year, doesn't seem that long!

There's a website by Jessica Sprague that my lil dinosaur here would just lock up on if I tried to use. (I think I got the name right, Jeanne, Kelli or Marg can correct me if I'm wrong!) Apparently one of the things they're doing on that website now is listing three things you're thankful for each day. I saw Jeanne's been doing that so I'm going to do that too. I think it's a good exercise to help keep a body out of the "dark and twisty" place! So here goes:

1. The sun shining today! This morning I picture this cartoon sun out there wearing his shades just beaming away at us all!

2. The fact I got a job interview. Even if I don't get the job (though I hope I do!) I'm thankful that something I said in my application and phone interview made me seem interesting and smart enough to get the in person interview. You spend days just thinking of yourself as someone's mom or wife and you'll get that!

3. I'm grateful that I AM someone's wife and someones' mom! Even on the days I want to go screaming into the night with car keys in hand I always come back to being eternally grateful that I have them all!

Friday, October 9, 2009

quick update

It's raining cats and dogs here this morning and has basically been raining since yesterday morning. We went straight from summer to brrrrrrrrisk fall and I'm not liking it! None of the jeans and a t-shirt and feeling fine in the fall sun while soft breezes blow over you! Straight from running the a/c to "Is tonight going to be the night we cave in and turn on the heat???" le sigh

But the phone interview must have gone well because I have an in person interview with three or four different people late this morning. After I get the boy onto the bus this morning I have to come back here and............gasp...........the horror...............IRON!!! Usually I try to get Mr. Retired Military Man to iron for me since after 23 years of ironing uniforms he does an excellent job! But he and the boy have a Webelos camping trip this the rain and the I didn't want to bother him with ironing my blouse while he was trying to pack them up for the trip.

I'm a little nervous but no where near what I think I should be. It's all happened so fast I guess I haven't had time to get nervous. I just filled out the online app on Monday!

So now I have to go get the boy (who has no fat on him to keep him warm in the rain and cold while camping....yes I can an interview and worry about my kid!) up and going for school.

Happy Friday to you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I'm still fighting the crud, some wheezing and sinus gunk going on, but since no one will put me out of my misery I'm trying to fight the good fight!

I've applied for some jobs recently and this morning I got a phone call from one of the places. I talked to the woman for almost 15 minutes and she scheduled me for a formal phone interview in the morning! It's with a bank but the job I applied for is probably already filled if the person they're offering to accepts it today but there is an opening in Zionsville for which the HR person wants to interview me. It's about a 30 minute drive WITHOUT rush hour traffic and it's a part time position so that's the downside. But it's a foot in the door and there is the possibility of transferring to a branch closer to home if a position ever opened. I'm also thinking that part time might be a better transition for the kids for now...or maybe it's better for me thinking of them since I think they're ready for me to be gone! At least that's what they say now, once Mom isn't around 24/7 to take care of things that tune may change a bit! ;-)

I badly need a haircut but haven't wanted to infect anybody with this crud. There was a small part of my brain that started thinking "Must get haircut today!" For a phone interview! And no, I wasn't thinking it was because they'd see me over the phone, I'm not that far gone! But I was just thinking of the whole "feeling good/sounding good" issue and if it's a bad haircut that's one extra day for it to grow out before an "in-person" interview. However, common sense has won out (for now at least) and someone will be spared the possibility of my germs for one more day. No promises for tomorrow!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We're fighting the flu here but according to the half of the time accurate test at the doctors' office it's not swine flu. What is the point of a test that's only accurate half the time?! Just another of life's mysteries I guess!

Yesterday I thought I was getting healthy but today I feel like it kicked my butt all over again. But this time it feels like the baby elephant is trying to sit on my chest and I didn't have that last week. Ick.

Katie had to have seven baby teeth removed this week too. All at once. The stubborn little things did NOT want to come out on their own so the permanent teeth were hanging out the baby teeth. Not a great mix! She was a trouper there and is doing so much better now.

I'm just feeling blah and lonely and....and....again I say ick.

Not an exciting entry but that's all you're getting today!