Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I know it's been awhile and I could make a hundred excuses but it's just been LIFE. And I know everyone knows what that's like!

It's just starting to get light outside and I'm watching it snow. It's beautiful and relaxing. At least until I have to go out into it later today! I keep hearing a line from a song in my head over and over every time it snows lately. I can only hear the one part and can't think of the title or who sings it and I know it's not a Christmas song. "There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight." One of my favorite things about snow is how it muffles the sounds outside. A kind of "hush" if you will. So far we've just had patchy snow this year but if it keeps up like this then we may have a white Christmas. I think later in the week it's supposed to be icy rain though and after the great ice storm of Wichita a few years back I have no desire to go through anything like that again! Good thing Santa has an ATV sleigh!

I finally got some pictures up on Facebook of the whole plumbing mess. The new flooring is down but not without some complications along the way. The two guys who came in to put down the flooring said they had to call someone to move the toilet in the half bath because they don't do that. Apparently they were told over the phone that they DO do that but they didn't put it back very well. First it was a rocking chair and then a recliner. They finally sent an actual plumber out to reset it. Then a different man came out to put the shoe moulding back up. Supposedly they took the old to the shop so the paint could be matched up. It's not. The new pieces are white and the baseboard is more of an almond. Mark and I both agree we're just tired of dealing with the whole mess and we need to paint this spring anyway so we're just going to live with it. I'm sick of us having to call people back out and I'm sick of having people in and out of my house all day long lately. The man who is POC on the flooring is coming out tomorrow for a final inspection and to have Mark co-sign the check from the insurance company so I am going to point it out to him. And who knew a couple of tiny holes could be so costly! So far the cost to us has been $3000 and the restoration company got a check from the insurance company too. We're hoping they reimburse us for some of the plumbing costs as well. But trust me, find something more fun to spend your money on!

I could ramble on and on but the youngest just got up and I need to go make sure he eats some breakfast!