Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm paying vet support this month!

Daisy's been twice this month for ailments and Belle went yesterday for her annual exam. They said she's doing pretty well for an old gal! But after a couple of tests (one of which she let them know she was not happy about them probing back there!), shots and another year of heartworm preventive meds I once again thought "Holy crap!" (ala Frank Barone) when I got the final bill. I'm still wondering if I can convince the insurance company they are newly adopted children with a hair body problem! We've paid around $500 to the vet's office this month, ok, the credit card company has paid it and I'll be paying them and paying and paying......! But you have to keep the critters healthy so what else can you do? Besides sigh a lot when the bill comes in?! lol

I think Robbie has passed his nightmares off to me. The past few nights I've been dreaming there's some faceless person after me because they think I know something. No idea what it is I supposedly know or why they want to kill me over it! Last night's version morphed into my getting a job tying bows onto candy but only if I'd come in and work on Thanksgiving Day when I had a houseful of company. No idea where any of it came from!

Today is the first day this week I don't have to take a dog or a child to an appointment. There are plenty of household things I should be doing but I'm considering making myself scrapbook. I'm not really in the mood to do that either but I want to be so maybe if I force myself to do it it will work? I need something fun to reset my mood-ometer!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's the end of the day

and I am oh, so glad it is! Today was another rough appointment day. This doesn't feel like the right forum to go into why bring it up, you may ask. I guess to ask for some prayers. I feel like I've lost a former sounding board area and I don't want to bother anybody with all this "schtuff", because it can be heavy schtuff, so I'll just ask for some prayers, if you don't mind. And ask you don't judge me too harshly if you see me on the evening news with the announcer saying "Indy Metro Area Mom Goes Bonkers!" ;-)

I just sat here trying to think of what else to write about and this week it all seems so negative! Sheesh I say! I had to take Daisy back to the vet because she had diarrhea all week-end. All their tests came back negative so they're treating the symptoms which meant more expensive medicine plus she needed another 'scrip for the heartworm medicine so there was another $180. OUCH! She's been an expensive doggy this month!

Good news is Samantha got hired as an assistant manager at The Children's Place last week! So I found something good to say but it's HER news not really mine so let's think some more..........

Well, it IS the end of the day so that's good!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quiet for almost a month!

Who woulda thunk it possible?!? I just seem to be stuck in one of those phases where writing seems like a chore and nothing I've done seems blog-worthy. WARNING: I'm very much in a blah mood today due to lack of sleep. Nightmare having son around 3 am and then a Schoodle with a tiny bladder around 5:30. And it took me until almost 5 am before I could fall asleep from checking on nightmare boy.

Reader's Digest version of the past month....Katie went to camp for almost a week, Mark flew to Kansas and drove a truck back to Indy with Samantha and her belongings in it, next week Robbie and Mark went to scout day camp and that brought us to last week where we didn't do much of anything. I'm kind of feeling like I've become nothing more than a activity director/maid lately. I guess more than sleep is feeding that blah feeling!

I have so many photos I should be getting into scrapbooks and there's a part of me that wants to scrap but it just seems like work right now for some reason. I don't miss my former employers but I do miss my co-workers/friends and those CHA show recap meetings we had at work! Those always inspired me, probably more in the shopping department than in the scrapping one but still they inspired me! We drove to a scrapbook store on the western outskirts of Indy yesterday. We stopped in there once last summer too and Samantha and I have agreed it's not worth the trip from our side of Indy. It's not that it's neccessarily a bad store (although both times we were in there I didn't feel overly welcome) but there's not much there that I couldn't get at Archiver's or Michael's which are both much closer to me. And a lot of stuff I saw in there yesterday is stuff I remember stocking onto shelves and pegboards in Kansas over a year ago. I think some of that is just indicative of the hobby industry in this economy though so not all the "fault" (for lack of a better word) is the store's. It was just kind of depressing to go in and not get excited over anything though. There is a Sonic out that way (again none close to us!) and even that didn't live up to our fond memories! Both my and Samantha's lemonberry slushes were very heavy on the lemon and light on the berry! I'm glad she mentioned it first so I didn't think my blahness had applied itself to scrapbook shopping AND Sonic!

Friday we did go hiking through Ft. Harrison State Park. Very nice little state park and you really don't realize you're so close to the "big city" or one of the interstates! We went on trails and ended up hiking over a couple of miles, thankfully it was a cool day for July so we didn't sweat and stink nearly as much as we could have! lol It was me and the three kids and I think we all had a lot of fun. A lot of it would probably fall into the "you had to be there" category but we had fun together! Eventually I'll get the pictures uploaded and I'll share a couple. I never did get a good one of the countless daddy long legs we kept running across though. Those things were EVERYWHERE! Along with Samantha's would be killer squirrel and the "mountain" the three of them climbed up and almost fell down. I stood at the bottom to catch them as they came down in an uncontrolled run almost! I should have sang Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" so Sam could have done her interpretative dance!

And now we've started back to school shopping. Can you believe that? They go back in three weeks! Summers keep getting shorter and shorter it seems.

And there you have it, the blahness that is me! ;-)