Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rambling Thursday

I had the day off from work today so I deep cleaned the kitchen this morning. I'd much rather have gone to work! But now all the greasy dust bunnies are banished and for a moment all the dog hair is off the floor. Sad thing is these people are going to expect me to actually COOK in there tonight! And mess up my masterpiece?!?

Day two of school and I'm almost feeling guilty to say I wanted to cheer when I saw the boy's bus lumbering around the corner this morning. His bus driver (same wonderful woman that drove when Katie went to that school) said she would pick up and drop off in front of our house "just like I did with Katie" because according to her the kids are not supposed to be crossing the street to get to the bus stop. I told her it's been that way every year since we've been here and I did let the transportation office know two years ago. She said "Well, he's not crossing the street when I'm driving!" Love her! The "problem" is that the boy is already fretting over NEXT year when his friend who is a year behind him will be riding the same bus. "But I want to be with him at the bus stop!!!" Two days into the school year and he's gnashing his teeth over a year from now. Not one of my finer moments to admit that it's these moments I want to go running into the night or rather early morning in this case. I THINK that he's feeling out of control with all the changes and Stinky is trying to get the better of him so he's stressing over, what to me, are silly things, at the moment. It's sometimes hard to keep reminding myself of that when all the drama is unfurling.

Which I think is possibly the root of my next rambling and this lovely hivey rash I seem to suddenly have going on since yesterday. I have problems with eczema so I think it's a branching off of that and stress but it's definitely annoying.

Oh, where is my deserted isle? Where's the S.S. Minnow when I need her and her crew?!?

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