Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To School

Tomorrow the kids go back to school. The boy will be going to a different school this year and thanks to how the district lines are drawn only one other kid from his class will be going to the same school. The rest of them will just go across the street from where they were last year. He'll be going into 5th grade and this year he'll have different teachers for different classes and be moving around a lot. A situation that makes a mom worry about her OCD/ADD labeled child. I worry that "Stinky" (the name we gave the OCD) will rear its ugly head and he'll lose some of the ground he worked so hard to gain. I keep telling myself to have faith and I really do want to but it's difficult! It's part of a mom's nature to want to protect, the hard thing is part of what he needs to be protected from is how the OCD can make him think. And when you have an "smart" kid to boot it's not like you can try to "trick" him into thinking differently! He's already thought through everything a million different ways himself!

So I worry about him and then wonder if I've sent enough concern in his going into 8th grade sister's drection too. You couldn't pay me to go back to junior high!!! She's Miss "Julie Joiner" so I think/hope/pray she'll be ok. It should just be the typical mean girl garbage we face on occasion....at least I hope so!

Ok, I've poured out some angst and now have a slippery hold on things again! If you think about it tomorrow send up a prayer for both of my going back to school kiddos and their frazzled mom too! ;-)

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