Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

I had bought candy in anticipation of over 150 trick-or-treaters because of a neighbor telling me she thought they had at least that last year. I don't know if the Friday night football games cut into the number of kids trick or treating or if people did something else since it was on a Friday this year but I didn't have 150 trick-or-treaters! Maybe 80ish. I have a LOT of candy leftover! And K and R's plastic pumpkins overfloweth with bounty! That poor Wii Fit board is going to be saying "oh" in that strangled voice a lot in the near future!

Robbie wanted to be a Clone Trooper but we waited to long to buy a costume and couldn't find one that would fit him. So in keeping with the Star Wars theme of the past three years he went as Boba Fett. But he was a "good" Boba Fett and not like a bad one like in the movies. That last part was according to Robbie!

Originally Katie wanted to be Demi Lavato from Camp Rock fame but wasn't sure people would "get" who she was and would think she hadn't dressed up so she went as a cheerleader complete with Mark's letterman's jacket from high school. Yes, Sarah, we had such jackets back in the cave days! ;-)

And yes, I am THAT mean that I made her wear tights and a t-shirt under her costume so she'd stay warm! Surprisingly she didn't complain too much about that though.

Here are the jack o'lanterns and my ghostie Happy Halloween sign that has had a burned out bulb in his "nose" for a few years but this year I actually replaced it! I like how the guardian angel is watching over them all!

Here they are with their loot! They're standing in front of Katie's loot and Robbie's is at the bottom of the table where he was sorting his. Waaaaaaaaaaay too much!

and my artsy-fartsy shot:
Little piece of chocolate heaven right there!


Sarah :) said...

WHOA-HO-HO!! That's a lot of candy!!! I'm pretty proud of myself this year...I brought NO chocolate into the house with the intention of "giving it out." I knew I'd eat it all. So I bought candy I don't really like, and then a bag of Airheads, which I DO like, but they're only 47 calories a piece so I ate a couple of those throughout the week with no guilt.
I'm just glad I didn't have any trick-or-treaters bringing the stuff BACK INTO my house! Yikes! ;)
Eat a Snickers for me, would ya? :)

Kimpossible said...

WOW, Im so jealous of all that chocolate!!! I love the kids costumes they look so good!! Your pumpkins are too cute, great job!